Friday, March 23, 2012

Reese's Pieces Pastel egg cookies

I love peanut butter and chocolate together so why not in a cookie? I just used this basic chocolate cookie recipe. Instead of Cadbury chocolate I added Reese's pieces eggs.

I crushed them up with a rolling pin.....

Then I mixed the other ingredients in my mixer......

Look at that dough, yummy hu?

Roll the dough into a small ball....


Then enjoy a delicious treat!

Cadbury Easter Cupcakes

I signed up to take cupcakes for a Relief Society meeting, this is what I made! I like to use Betty Crocker triple chocolate cake mix, then I add chocolate chips in. It makes for a nice surprise! The frosting is just a basic butter cream then I used Cadbury eggs on top.

Spring Flower Cookie

I LOVE spring flowers, so I made one into a cookie!

Pine Wood Derby Cookies!

We had a Pine Wood Derby for our Activity Day girls it was so fun. Here are some sugar cookies that I made!

Here is a trophy and a car

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi day!

I wanted to make PIE in honor of Pi day but I didn't get to it. We have been on quit the roller-coaster the last few weeks. We are dealing with health issues and we had a death in the family. But we have been blessed with amazing family, friends and neighbors. So, don't worry!! I am going to get baking really soon.