Friday, December 16, 2011

My son's 8th Birthday

My son loves the Wii game Mario Brothers. So, for his 8th birthday I made this star cake and a mushroom cake. It was fun to do and he loved them which made all the work worth it.

The Star cake was pretty straight forward, I bought the pan and then used a "star" tip to decorate it with. I just looked at a picture of the Mario star and decorated.

The mushroom was a little tricky. The pan is actually a cupcake so I just cut some of the "stump" off to make it more of a mushroom shape.


  1. Ha Ha ha! Ty and I LOVE Mario, except we always laugh because Tyler says that he can never use power-ups because he has to "Save them for Lanny!"

  2. Thanks Rachael! It was a lot of fun to make:)