Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm back from my hiatus.....

I need to apologize for my absence. This past year has brought a lot of change, challenges and new beginnings. We moved, my husband had 2 grandparents pass away along with 2 great uncles and an aunt (which he was close to). That was a time of reflection for us, we sat back and really counted our blessings, and realized how important family is.

 I have a part time job....meaning I get to work mostly from home. Along with all of the things that have happened this year I know more now than I ever have before that God is aware of me and loves me. He is aware of all of us and just wants us to be happy. But the only way to be truly happy is to keep the commandments and follow our Savior.

So, I have been able to work a little at my in-laws business called Stone Gate Center for the Arts.
It is a beautiful old LDS church building which they renovated into a center for the arts, weddings, luncheons, work parties or whatever you need a big space for! Anyways, we do the catering and setting up for the events. I have to admit, it's been fun to be able to work again but it's the people that make it fun. I have also been able to make a few wedding cakes. I will post pictures of those later.
We did move, which was a blessing because we needed more space. I have a huge island now for baking! It's been full more than a few times with cookies or other goodies that I have made. I love that I have more space. 

So, now that this year draws to a close I am happy. I am really looking forward to the new year and what is will bring! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful rest of the holidays!

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